white light


Loving these hues right now - nudes, whites, creams. I found some pieces recently that have me excited for the trip to Illinois Neil and I are about to take.. namely, Kork-Ease sandals, pretty floral clip-on earrings and pins made with vintage millinery flowers (found at a yard sale last weekend), and a pretty silk Evan Picone blouse I thrifted earlier this month. The blouse has a 1940s shape circa the 1970s, and it reminds me of the Madewell one Alexa Chung designed last fall that I couldn't afford.

But my favorite recent buy has to be this 1950s crochet lace sundress, found at the lovely Ms. Tips' Vintage. The vanilla-y lace is absolutely beautiful, so ornate and lovingly worn. The dress is for a college friend's wedding coming up this weekend.. and probably for several more weddings after that.


So many things to do before we leave on Thursday morning! Today, Neil and I visited Nashville's downtown library for the first time and picked up a good number of audiobooks for the trip. Including The Historian (one of my favorites!) and James Joyce (Portrait of the Artist), plus a little bit of David Sedaris for when fiction gets old. I even got away with picking up a nerdy book on conspiracy theories. We'll be spending about 22 hours in the car over five days, so it's good to be prepared.

PS.. so happy to be have my image in American Apparel's Best Of Seen & Submitted last week, and also to share with you guys that my sister Rhiannon is in Lucky Magazine this month! The older I get, the more proud I get of my two sisters.