sewing saturday! striped button up shirt dress


Sewing Saturday! I finished a simple project this past week.. how to create a sleeveless tent-style shirt dress out of an oversized button up. It's really fast and a great project for warm weather.


What you'll need for the project.. an oversized button up (long enough to fit you as a dress and wide enough to be able to size down and tailor to your shape), sharp scissors, pins, matching thread, and a tank top to serve as a guide. The tank should fit you comfortably.

To begin, simply lay the flat tank over the button up and pin it. Make sure it's evenly placed in the center of the shirt. Then, cut at the sides, leaving a bit extra for a seam allowance (anywhere from 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch).

Once I had removed the tank, I measured one inch from the bottom outer edge of the arm opening and cut at a diagonal at the sides, trimming less and less until it met the bottom edge of the dress. This is to give the dress a more tent-like shape.


Then, time to sew. I sewed the outer edges at the prescribed seam allowances, then serged the arm holes. I then folded the serged edges inward and sewed them, finishing the arm holes. For those of you without a serger, simply fold the edge 1/4 inch in and 1/4 inch again, sewing to finish. You can also use double fold bias tape.


And that's all! Another idea is to create a crop top with a tent-style fit out of an oversized button up by following these same instructions and simply shortening the dress.


Next Sewing Saturday, I'll be working with stretch knits - something I rarely sew with. I have plans to make a sleeveless maxi dress using some jersey knit rayon I ordered last week, and we'll see how it goes. Happy weekend!