history of beauty


Some photos taken around the house this afternoon.. sunflowers that Neil brought me home from work, a cornflower blue play set that I made today (headed to Local Honey in the morning), postcards from a friend, and History of Beauty - a comprehensive guide to the western world's standard of beauty throughout the ages (and edited by my favorite Italian, Umberto Eco). This book has the loveliest artwork.. everything from images of Apollonian statues of the Roman Empire to screenshots from Blade Runner, and plenty of Romantic paintings.


It's been a week of rain in Nashville, which means a lot of fruitless attempts at outfit posts. It's not all bad, however - I've had a lot more time to plan out some fall pieces (although it's hard to think about wearing velvet when it's in the 90s outside), and we're catching up on Mad Men. Karen and I are heading out to shop for fabric tomorrow for the fall collection.. it's really happening!

Coming soon - a giveaway from one of my favorite vintage shops!