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In an ever-growing sea of online vintage shops, it's hard to really set oneself apart from the rest - but Ada of Oma Vintage manages to do exactly that and still look so effortless.. clean, natural aesthetic, sharp styling with pattern mixing and accessorizing done right, an appreciation for high quality textiles and pieces. With the experience of maintaing an expertly curated vintage collection (from 1930s playsuits to early 90s rayon floral dresses) for over three years as well as a brick and mortar store (not to mention just being an avid lover of old things), Ada knows her stuff. Here is a little interview she kindly agreed to participate in for you all!

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Hey, Ada! Tell us a bit about yourself and Oma Vintage.

My love of vintage really started to grow when I was a teenager growing up in Manhattan. I spent my weekend days traipsing down to the Lower East Side and Brooklyn scouring the fantastic vintage shops for special pieces to add to my own personal collection. When I moved to Philadelphia (for a quieter life!) in 2008, I discovered all of the incredible places this region had to offer for finding one-of-a-kind goodness. The city - and state of Pennsylvania as a whole - is rife with dusty gems from the past. So what started as a personal hobby evolved into a career (with an added bonus of a not-so-stuffed closet). I started the shop as Lollycrisp Vintage in 2008 and it evolved into a storefront called Oma here in Philadelphia with a new Etsy shop to match.

What vintage pieces are you most on the hunt for right now?

I am currently infatuated with lightweight cotton summer dresses from the 40s and 50s. There is nothing easier or more elegant to slip into when the weather gets warm. Bold florals, geometric prints, and skinny straps are a few features I look for lately. Also silk and rayon tunics and blouses from the 80s and 90s feel really timeless and appropriate for the season. And to - literally - top it all off.. straw boaters!

Do you have an all-time favorite vintage find?

I do have a few pieces I struggled to part with - and a few that I refuse to. I think my favorite find, however, is a Diane Von Furstenberg 70s leopard print wrap dress I found in a trash bag in an attic at an estate sale. We couldn't find the tag on the dress indicating its designer pedigree so the homeowner gave it to me for a steal. When I got home to steam it, there was the tag tucked away in a side seam! I was over the moon. There is also a dress in the shop currently that I sort of can't believe I'm selling, it's so wonderful.

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Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by so many things and individuals every single day. Firstly, my Etsy friends who toil away their days as I do, caring for beautiful old things or creating new ones, really inspire me. We've sort of created a sweet little community of virtual coworkers, and their support definitely keeps me motivated. Secondly, the vintage pieces themselves as well as the thrill of the hunt make me excited to get up in the morning. There is nothing more exhilarating than walking into a thrift store, rummaging through a tightly packed rack and anticipating what potentially awaits you on each hanger. When I find that special piece it gives me a little electric shock, and all I can think is "man, I have the best job in the world". Thirdly, I find so much inspiration in street style, runway shows, art and design that keep me pushing myself toward evolving as a curator.

How has living in Philadelphia affected your style?

Life in Philadelphia (as I mentioned earlier) is easy and relaxed. Living in New York oftentimes felt like stepping onto a runway as soon as you walked out your front door. There is a lot of amazing style that happens there, but it all felt so competitive. In Philadelphia, that same competition just doesn't exist, giving me a lot more freedom to play with clothes and develop a personal style. I've also started venturing into the world of making my own clothes from vintage fabrics - a task I don't think I would have had the time or patience of mind to undertake back in the Big Apple.

Any vintage shopping tips for beginners?

Hmmm, some tips for beginners. I think with vintage collecting you really learn a lot from experience, but if you want to dive right into it, research a little into the different periods of tailoring and learn what makes each one unique. That way, when you're out searching you can quickly and easily identify a garment's era, assess its value and decide if it's for you. From a more aesthetic point of view, vintage pieces are special to me for two reasons: uniqueness and relevance to current styles. Keep your eyes open for rare prints, colors, textiles, and silhouettes that you just can't find today; and on the other hand, look for pieces that still feel current with today's shapes and trends that easily integrate into a modern wardrobe.


Thanks, Ada! All photos courtesy of the Oma Vintage blog and shop - be sure to check them out.

Ada is offering 40 dollars in Oma Vintage store credit to one lucky winner! To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling us about your favorite item in Ada's shop and how you'd style it (oh man I want that linen skirt in my life). The winner will be chosen one week from today - Wednesday, July 6. The giveaway is open to everyone.. good luck, all!