Vintage rayon mini dress, black patchwork backpack, leather belt - Thrifted
Brown leather wedge sandals - Madewell

Here are some photos I wanted to share of some of my favorite thrifted finds, taken last night when Neil and I were headed back into Nashville. I'm in love with grunge-y rayon dresses this summer (I'm wearing a rayon maxi dress right now), and black and brown together.

I very nearly listed that miniature backpack in my shop the other week but I kind of caved in and kept it for myself.. while it's a little too small for my wallet, I still love its size and patchwork leather. It goes perfectly with a black and white floral dress in a very 90210 sort of way. I wonder if I'll ever get enough of 90s style.

IMG_5577 - Version 2

And I wanted to post a couple of fireworks photos I took on the 4th! My exposure time was 20 seconds and I was just holding the camera at an upward angle - not on a tripod or flat, non-shaky surface, so I never thought they'd turn out. Looking at them makes me feel like I'm in the middle of space somewhere, or maybe in Blade Runner. Or in Star Wars or Mass Effect 2. Or anything that has to do with science fiction or space.

I just listed some new vintage pieces in the shop, with more on the way - AND tomorrow is the last day to enter the Oma Vintage giveaway, so be sure to enter!