jeni's ice cream


1940s striped halter - Nanna's Attic Etsy
Red chambray skirt - American Apparel
Vintage straw hat - borrowed from a friend

I knew it would be a wonderful thing when Jeni's Ice Cream moved to East Nashville, just a couple of miles from our home. Also really, really dangerous. They've been open for over two weeks now and we've had to fight off the daily impulse to stop over there randomly.

But recently, Neil and I made our second visit to Jeni's on our way out to the lake last weekend. Their stuff is so good, you guys. I had to try their dark chocolate and coffee flavors, while Neil went the gravel road route. And it was delicious.. all locally grown ingredients mixed in with unique flavor combinations - coriander and raspberry, poached pear with Riesling, tangy goat cheese mixed with tart red cherries, peanut butter with cayenne pepper and sweet honey. Belgian-style beer with apricots. My favorite.

We then took super quick photos while my ice cream became a hot mess in the summer heat. Even the lovely girls at Jeni's got in on the picture action!

IMG_4990 - Version 2IMG_4993 - Version 2

Did I mention corn syrup custard with whiskey and pecans? Because that's kind of amazing.

If you're ever in Nashville or at one of their Ohio locations, the salty caramel flavor is their most popular flavor - but I recommend golden ale and apricots with strawberry buttermilk (which is what I had the first time we went). Soooo good for summer.

Well, this weekend didn't turn out the way we planned it - we never made it to our friend's wedding in Illinois. Neil ended up coming home the night before with a swollen ankle, which turned out to be from an infected scrape he got while mountain biking. We spent most of the weekend driving around to clinics, investing in antibiotics and getting him better, and now he's doing well! Sad that we had to miss our friend's day, though. The newly married couple is moving to Korea, so we're planning a St Louis visit soon so we can see them before they leave.

Happy Tuesday! I'm going to jump right into sewing for a shop update I've got planned for tomorrow.. coming soon. So happy to be blogging again after my mini hiatus, I missed your encouraging words.