plaid wool tap shorts and other future projects

future project.. plaid wool tap shorts

Perhaps this post should be taken as some form of online IOU.. rather than getting a Sewing Saturday project completed and posted, I ended up having an awesome (but not so productive) weekend with some visiting friends from college. Neil and I had company over this weekend and we spent our time running around town and showing them the sights.. which, unfortunately, didn't leave a lot of time for sewing.

So here is the plan for next weekend! I recently stocked up on over 100 yards (my sewing room is a mad mess of fabric and sewing patterns that have nowhere to go) of vintage fabric from the nicest couple, and in the lot I purchased came a bunch of tartan plaid wool. I can't wait to cover buttons and sew matching collars to fall coats with it! But in the meantime, I think this lightweight wool would be perfect for a pair of high waisted tap shorts. Maybe they'd be a good piece to transition from summer into early fall wear? Not that wool sounds remotely wearable for Nashville yet, but I'm looking ahead (basically I just want an excuse to wear fall colors again).

The sewing pattern is one that I purchased last spring, and I've been really excited to make these shorts ever since. They have a side zip enclosure and are ridiculously high waisted. I'd love to make some out of mauve silk, like the hue from this dream skirt.

future project.. plaid wool tap shorts
future project.. striped peter pan collar

A couple more projects that have been on my mind.. I'm still on the lookout for a good dress pattern to sew a white lace dress from, which is something that a couple of you have requested. I'm planning a hand-sewn buttonhole post in the near future (they look so much cooler than my machine stitched ones), as well as a tutorial for detachable peter pan collars with bias tape tie enclosure and interfacing. Also, the trapeze coat I was making for my niece Stella's American Girl doll didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to (the fit was really strange and not right.. maybe for Christmas, I'll sew her a matching dress for herself and the doll - velvet holiday dresses?), so I've decided to use a Barbie pattern from the late 70s to craft a new Barbie wardrobe for her birthday (little miniature dresses and jumpsuits and even wide legged pants). I'll make a few different pieces and post the process here.

I'm in the middle of sewing several mock-ups for my fall collection, which honestly takes up a lot of my sewing drive and leaves me little ambition when it comes to sewing other things.. I need to get out of this funk! This week, I'll work at it and come up with a good Sewing Saturday to share. Any project you'd like to see before the rest?

In the meantime, Neil and I are out house hunting. Our lease goes up in late August, which means we better renew or find a new place to live (preferably still in East Nashville.. we love this neighborhood). We'll see what happens - decision time tomorrow!