sewing saturday! a tie front crop top


Sewing Saturday! Sorry for the delay with this, our internet has been really finicky the last two days. This weekend, I crafted a tie front crop top from an oversized bed jacket.


I've had this black lace bedjacket for awhile now and have always loved the black lace, but not the boxy fit. It's also a bit faded in areas, so I thought it'd be great to cut off the faded bits somehow and still make it wearable. So a tie front crop top ended up being my best option, especially for hot months still ahead (Nashville's summer doesn't really end til about mid October).

What you'll need for this project.. a button up of your choice to make the crop top from (as long as it's the same width or larger and about the same length, waist ties included, as what you're looking to make), a tie crop top to use as a guide (not necessary), and the usual measuring tape, matching thread, and chalk for tracing.

To begin, I laid out the tie crop top over the bed jacket, folded up a couple inches at the bottom (the chambray top is kind of big on me, so I wanted to make the black lace top shorter), and traced along the shoulders, arm openings, and bottom of the chambray top. I then cut where I traced, trimmed the back ties off (only one set of front ties needed!), and trimmed the sides when I was finished so the fit wouldn't be so wide, being sure to measure out my bust and compare (about 30 inches, 1/4 seam allowance included, of the top bust). Trimming the sides also made the arm openings not as large and deep.

If you don't have a crop top to use as a tracing guide, simply measure out the length, from shoulder to waist, that you'd like the top to be, cut the sleeves off in a slight arc, and cut the ties at the bottom by trimming from the outer side of the shirt in at a straight, horizontal line, then curving downward when you near the buttons in the middle part of the shirt, and trimming all the way down. Be sure to measure out the ties first so you know what size you're looking at. My ties measured 7 inches long and 3 inches wide (not including seam allowances).


Then, I sewed the side seams back together and serged all of the unfinished ends, folding them in on themselves and sewing them again to finish (no serger? simply press 1/4 inch inward, then fold it in and press it again, and sew). I then folded the tie ends inward, making a triangle by taking the bottom edge of the rectangle and matching it to the inside side edge, and sewed it shut, so it added a finished point to the ties.


And that's it!


That's all for today! A super quick project that yields a little summery top, although it's easily transitioned into the fall depending on what kind of fabric you use and how you style it. Soon, I'll be showing you guys how to do handsewn buttonholes that look really lovely, and also - my finished niece's doll project for her birthday!

Shop update tonight! Happy Monday!