chickasaw trace

Denim top, rayon floral skirt - Thrifted
Vintage Casio watch, denim backpack - American Apparel
Brown leather oxfords - Closet Case Vintage
Neil and I took a short trip to my parent's house yesterday and while we were there, we stopped at Chickasaw Trace Park to take these photos. It's a beautiful park that Neil and my dad go for mountain biking, scenery typical of Tennessee. After living in Nashville for a couple of years now, I'm starting to get used to how beautiful it is here.
I've been finding some good 90s pieces at thrift stores lately, like this top and rayon wrap skirt. The crop top was originally a children's denim dress that I cut in half. The dress was far too short but the top was just fine, so I trimmed the skirt off, threw the top in the wash, and it came out awesomely frayed.
The Casio watch is too big for me, bought at American Apparel (they have tons of deadstock vintage watches right now.. the ones I like are big, gold, and gaudy - kind of expensive but really cute). I had the choice between a small black leather watch with a black and gold face (that fit my wrist) or this one, oversized brown leather with a gold face, and I chose the big watch for some reason. I'm not much of a watch person (or a jewelry person, really), but there's something masculine about this watch that really makes me want to wear it with frilly dresses and floral skirts. And the denim AA backpack is something that comes in handy when I ride the bus into downtown for work. I never thought I'd use a backpack outside of school, but I can't get away from them now.
Time to work on those plaid wool tap shorts, as the rest of this weekend is filled with work and thrift store shopping.. happy weekend!