corduroy and silk

Photos by Neil!
Vintage silk blouse - Nashville flea market
Corduroy skirt, vintage watch - American Apparel
Deena & Ozzy wedge boots - UO
Vintage two tone purse - thrifted
New shoes! Really excited about these - lightweight boots with good tread that I plan on wearing all fall and winter. I wouldn't have been able to afford them, save for a UO gift card I had from returning a dress I never wore for a wedding we didn't get to go to. It worked out for the best, feet-wise at least.

Annabel of Blushing Ambition did a great wardrobe essentials post last winter, and reading it always makes me want to evaluate my closet to see what staples are important to me. One of my wardrobe essentials has to be a simple silk button up - like the one I'm wearing here. I have a few, mostly thrifted, and they are always an easy fix when I have no clue what to wear. And the corduroy skirt is great for right now, when it's a little too hot to wear with tights but perfect with a lightweight top and boots. Autumn can't come soon enough to Nashville.. we're supposed to have 100 degree weather this weekend. Drinking pumpkin ale doesn't feel the same just yet.

Happy Monday!