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No matter how old I get, I always head to Teen Vogue for style ideas before Vogue. Maybe they have a more fun and casual approach towards fashion? Or maybe I just like the photo shoots better (it's definitely not for the horoscopes or Taylor Swift mentions).

The September 2011 issue of Teen Vogue is filled with great fall layering tips and decade trend reports, covering trends from the 1920s all the way to the 90s with very wearable ideas. The oversized grunge of the 90s with simple shapes and colors, bright plaid 60s dresses in a-line shapes, feminine florals with defined masculine shoulders from the 1940s, the 70s and their wide legged pants and sporty blazers a la Annie Hall. And more. I love how many eras are in style right now.. it leaves even more room for individuality and interpreting trends your own way.

More scanned images here.