first days of autumn


Photos by Neil!

Vintage navy polka dot blouse - Thrifted
Vintage wide legged jeans - Hip Zipper
Kork Ease wedge sandals - UO

Neil and I spent part of the weekend at Southern Fried Festival, where Neil hosted a presentation on bacon and both of us ate plenty of autumn fair food - pumpkin donuts, German sausage, pulled pork, homemade ice cream. My mom helps out with the festival each year, so it was great driving out to Columbia and seeing what she was involved in this season.

IMG_1013IMG_1020 - Version 2

So glad to be wearing jeans again. The weather has been beautiful and almost cool, so I put on long sleeves and wide legged pants. The polka dot blouse is a thrifted find and a bit big on me, so it might hit the shop before long. The pants are from the Hip Zipper, a great little vintage shop in East Nashville. I bought them over the summer and have been on the top of my list since then - trying to think up ways to wear them, and pairing them with a simple silk blouse (just like this lady) seemed a good way to start.

And we're busy packing! We're all set to move out of our place on Friday, so we've got a ways to go and not so much time to do it.. but we'll get it done. All of this house hunting has not quite come to fruition yet - we are currently bidding on our fourth house and since our lease ends in late September, we'll have to move in with my parents for about a month. I keep trying to tell myself that this constant state of flux is worth it - that in a short amount of time, we'll own our first home and it'll be amazing - but it can be pretty stressful not knowing where you're going to live. I'm so thankful for my parents being close and being supportive; who knows what we'd do if we couldn't live with them for this in-between time.

Happy Sunday! Shop update coming tomorrow.