rainy day woman


Vintage denim overalls - Thrifted
Sheer black lawn button up, vintage gold watch - American Apparel
Vintage gray wool hat - Goodbuy Girls
Wedge ankle boots - UO

Rain and cold hit Nashville over the weekend, giving us this instant feeling of fall (and making hot pumpkin lattes a must). Temperatures dropped almost 40 degrees in a matter of hours, and we went from sweating in 90 degree heat to bundling up for below 60.. the south is weird.

I really don't mind, because it means I get to put on black tights and cardigans again. And the other day, Neil and I hit up a burrito place and I wore these dark denim overalls with a felted wool hat I found at Goodbuy Girls over the summer, something I've been waiting to wear.


Our house is covered in velvet dust after the onslaught of velvet dresses that I've been sewing, and it sounds kind of cool but it's really just a mess. My weekend will be filled with sewing, a blog redo (about time.. I've had this blog for two years and it's looked just about the same), and packing. And some hanging out and work, but mostly just sewing. Hope you guys have a good one!