silk pintuck blouse giveaway


Sewing Saturday! This week, I learned how to sew pintucks into a vintage silk blouse - which I've decided to send out as a giveaway! Pintucks are pretty simple creations (although silk isn't the easiest fabric to sew them into, I recommend pure cotton for a first try - it irons better) and can add a lot of personality to a plain blouse, skirt, or dress. It's also great for shortening the length of a dress without cutting the fabric off.. if you'd like it longer in the future, simply seam rip the pintucks!

What you need for this project.. an iron, fabric chalk, a ruler, a garment to add pintucks to (or fabric that you will be using for a project, prior to cutting the pattern piece out), and matching thread. If you're using silk or another fragile fabric, having a scrap piece of muslin (or other cotton scrap) will help with ironing.


For my design, I wanted two 1 inch tucks wrapped around the bottom half of the blouse. To begin, I marked two 2-inch rectangles all the way around the shirt, 2 inches apart, with my clear ruler and tailor's chalk - beginning 3 inches from the bottom hem. I used these parallel lines to create the tucks, matching one drawn line to another - 2 inches of fabric between the lines for a 1 inch tuck. With lines matched together, I pressed them using the scrap bit of muslin between the silk top and the iron (at a low setting).


When the tucks are pressed, they create a crease - which is where you sew your seam. I sewed along the crease all the way around the blouse. Once the seams had been stitched, I pressed the tucks downward.

That's all!

Note: technically the tucks I created are spaced tucks, which means there is a flat bit of fabric space between the tucks. Pintucks are, by definition, much more narrow.


And finished.


This is a great project for a sheer garment, since it adds opacity at the tucks.

And because the blouse turned out well, I thought I'd send it to one of you! The giveaway is open to everyone - just leave a comment on this post telling me how you'd wear the blouse. Measurements are.. 38 inch bust and 19 inch length. Giveaway ends one week from today, and I'll announce the winner then.

It's officially September.. fall is coming soon! Hope you guys had a great weekend.