We're back in Tennessee! Still in vacation mode so my mind is kind of fuzzy, but I can say that this past week has been one of the best. Watching my sister Rhi get married, spending a lot of time with my family and a couple of days in Savannah with just Neil and I - the whole trip was what we've needed for awhile.

While I spend the next twelve hours sorting photos from our trip, I really wanted to share my friend Maria's recent interview with Stylelikeu. I've known beautiful Maria since I started working at American Apparel last year (you might recognize her as the model for my fall/winter collection!), and I was so excited to hear about her interview - it didn't surprise me at all that they found her.. Maria has a unique (and effortless) grace and style.

So glad to be home. I'll post photos of our trip soon. Also, I wrote a guest post for Rhiannon's blog.. check it out here!