herringbone + cable knit


Photos by Neil!

Vintage herringbone coat - thrifted
Cable knit crop sweater - Three Feathers Vintage
Cable knit tights, high waisted denim shorts, black button up - American Apparel
Suede mary janes - Topshop

It happened - cold weather hit Nashville. Time to bust out this 1980s Working Girl coat, which I happen to love the more I wear it (big, loose shapes in short lengths are what I've been wearing lately, for some reason).

Another recent find are these suede mary janes from Topshop, which will be my staple holiday shoes this season (I bought some last year only to return them since they were a bit too big). I love the versatility of mary janes.. that rare shoe that looks good with tights, ankle socks, or bare legs. The chunkiness of the heel makes this pair a little less feminine, which I like, and the lack of a hardcore crazy platform in the front means I don't feel like a streetwalker in them. After searching through dozens of pairs online, these have to be my favorite ones.


Sorry for the random blurry nail photo, I had to show you guys the new glitter polish from AA. I kind of like it (probably because it reminds me of my preteen Limited Too days).

Super distracted tonight - doing some last minute sewing for my holiday lookbook, which I'm shooting tomorrow! I just ate McDonalds and watched an episode of Twin Peaks with Neil (we are really obsessed with Twin Peaks and that is no understatement), so I'm not very focused at the moment.. give me an hour and I will be productive again (hopefully). Happy December!