white walls wood floors


I'm taking a quick break from work to eat lunch and share these photos with you guys. Life has gotten me down lately.. it feels like I'm behind on just about everything. Custom orders, wholesale orders, unpacking, painting, blogging. I wanted to do an outfit post this morning but didn't have time to because of sewing catch-up. It could be my constant diet of crackers, mac and cheese, and leftover Halloween candy making me depressed (we've been dividing our time between my parent's house and our new place and haven't really had a chance to pick up groceries or anything healthy). Maybe I should eat a salad or an apple or something like that and it'll pick me up.

Either way, these photos help me feel better - they remind me why Neil and I are doing all of this painting and maintenance in the first place.. in the pursuit of a cool, clean space that's all our own. I'm really obsessed with white walls with crown molding and old fashioned wood floors. And whitewashed brick, tall windows, built-in bookshelves, walls covered in mismatched art and frames, farm tables with distressed antique chairs, old chandeliers, classic wood shutters, a cross between super modern and weathered vintage. Searching for my dream piano too. Still trying to figure out my design style (dressing myself in the morning is way easier than decorating a living room), but it's been a fun process.. especially since Neil and I don't have the exact same style and coming to agreement on colors and decor is a good lesson in listening.

photo frame
grand outdoors
window tallloft tall
kitchen two

All photos courtesy of The Selby. Happy Thursday!