christmas wish list

christmas wishlist 2011

Christmas is coming up fast, so lately Neil and I have been juggling requests from our families for gift ideas, sending off emails with ideas and receiving them in turn (can't wait to do some shopping!). First thoughts for both of us had to do with our new house - we need pretty boring things this year like towels and sheet sets - so it's fun to come up with this gift list for the blog. This is my "I really want it but don't really need it" list.

A couple of pieces have been on my covet list for awhile, like velvet loafers and a pleated knee-length skirt in metallic leather, but most are new. I just recently got into Garden and Gun after they featured some great people behind great companies we know from Nashville (which reminds me, I've got to do a local Nashville gift guide post soon), so I really want a subscription this year. Neil's into the food end of it and I love reading about travel, especially when it comes to the South. Something else new for me is a love of hair combs.. I'm not a big jewelry wearer but I will always wear a hair wreath or hat. These glamorous combs (from ASOS and Topshop) are perfect statement pieces with a simple party dress or maybe even an oversized sweater and leather shorts.

The sleeveless button up dress is courtesy of Bona Drag. Sheer, soft pinks and nudes in wintertime (with plenty of layers, of course) paired together in monochromatic outfits are something I want to wear more of once the holidays are over - they remind me of the pretty, feminine costumes worn in The Red Shoes, with pops of pastel color found in the statement cocktail ring from ASOS. For you non-coffee drinkers, that funny looking teapot is actually a Hario Buono Coffee Kettle, a really useful tool when you use pour-over methods for brewing coffee like a chemex or v60 (we've been really obsessed with our chemex for the last few months.. we broke our last french press and who knows where our automatic coffee maker is).

And of course, a list of mine wouldn't be complete without a video game or book of some sort. The Prague Cemetery is Umberto Eco's latest, generating mixed reviews so far - he has a tendency to muddy his books with too many words and obscure subjects, sometimes writing in several languages and not bothering to translate (see: the first 100 pages of the Name of the Rose). But once you get through it, his stories are totally worth it.. especially you're into conspiracy theories with a lot of European history thrown in. Somewhere in my awkward teenage years, I stumbled across Foucault's Pendulum in a bookshop I worked at and fell in love with his ability to weave real-life secret societies, lost manuscripts, and power-hungry cults into a modern-day mystery and make it almost believable. And Skyrim, well - I'm all about fighting dragons and wearing cool armor.

Happy holidays! What do you want most for Christmas?