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my oscar 2012 dress picks

Hope your weekend was a success! I spent mine hunting flea markets and thrift stores with friends, then staying overnight at my parent's house with Neil for a much-needed visit. Neil made me take Sunday off from doing anything blog or shop-related, so you can blame him for the Sewing Saturday delay - but honestly, it felt great getting forced into relaxing for a whole day. My dress-lengthening project will be posted tomorrow.. tonight, I really wanted to share my favorite dresses from the 84th Oscars that aired yesterday evening.

Did you guys get a chance to watch the Oscars? Neil and I were pretty upset beforehand since our favorite films didn't get many nominations this year.. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Drive, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo being the top three. AND GARY OLDMAN DID NOT WIN BEST ACTOR, which broke my heart. But still, the show was great - I was so glad Billy Crystal was back, and the interviews about film were perfect. Every year we bet on our ballots, and I won for the first time with 11 correct nomination guesses.. so that's a good year for me.

Christopher Plummer deserves to be in my best dressed collage with his super awesome velvet tux but I couldn't find a great picture. My top three ladies were Michelle Williams - I loved her coral dress with the peplum waist, Penelope Cruz - she was so beautiful in an old-Hollywood soft blue gown (it reminded me of something Edith Head would design for Grace Kelly), and all of the pale pink and nude hues that have taken over awards show-wear of late are still so lovely. As someone who struggles with how to wear jewelry, I appreciated how simple all of the earrings and necklaces were - letting the dresses themselves stand out and keeping it simple with cuffs or bracelets on just one wrist (like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kristen Wiig) or in some cases, just wearing a pair of drop diamond earrings. I wish that Natalie Portman had continued her Rodarte partnership, but she did wear a 1950s Christian Dior gown with polka dots and you can't complain about that. Angelina Jolie's leg should probably get a shout-out of some kind. And Rooney Mara was my favorite with her edgy hair and feminine fitted lace dress by Givenchy. I keep thinking about her as Rachael in a Blade Runner remake and it makes me super happy.

Which dresses did you like (and which wins did you predict)?