dream valentine's day outfits

valentine outdoor adventure

Neil and I are busy plotting our Valentine's Day celebrations, which will for sure include an early morning coffee date and a midnight hot chicken and waffles run. All other plans, Neil is keeping a secret from me for now (I'm hoping to plan some surprises for him too, we'll see how sneaky I can be).

We originally wanted to go to Rock City and throw a picnic, but we decided to wait til spring for that. If we had gone, this would have been my ideal outfit.. the amazing TBA SS 2012 crochet dress in lilac mixed with more wintery pieces like a tweed wool coat, matching scarf, and suede flats for looking cool/staying comfortable. The dress I bought for Valentine's Day is inspired by this one - as usual, I fell hard for TBA's latest collection and had to translate it somehow into my budget, so my answer to their darling crochet dress is a knit sweater dress from the 1960s in pale ice blue, similar but simpler, less expensive, and more cold weather-worthy.

valentine dinner + movie

This standard is probably my favorite Valentine's Day outing, old-fashioned and perfect. There's nothing like getting dressed up for a dinner date. Since I'm so obsessed with muted pastels and neutrals (especially when mixed together in a monochromatic outfit) right now, I love the idea of layering a whisper pink cardigan over a matching button-up. Throw in a pair of salmon colored loafers with a subtle wedge, a simple tassel necklace, and wide legged lightweight trousers in sage green and it's done. And if I could pull off nude colored lipstick, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

valentine slumber party

A few of my friends are throwing a no boys allowed Valentine's Day party this weekend, which will include a lot of awesome things like pastel candy and alcohol and cool ladies and some not-so-awesome things like Mariah Carey records. It's worth it though, because we'll probably be busy all night writing bad words on cupcakes with icing and watching Bridesmaids, and that automatically equals super fun time. Now if I could only find my copy of Girl Talk, Secret Diary edition..

For those celebrating, what are your Valentine plans?