ryley o'byrne


Ryley O'Byrne's photography is lovely.. unique and varied, even from shoot to shoot - sometimes with clean lines and monochromatic colors, other photos blurred with ghostly, color-saturated images. Check out everything she does here.

radiator 2
b & w
wake up
city sunset

Quiet day here. Neil had the day off so we spent it running errands and then spent the evening eating cheeseburgers, drinking beer, and watching Drive (which I hardcore recommend, if only to see Ron Perlman being Ron Perlman and Christina Hendricks in jeans and a sweatshirt). After our errand running, I have.. a shiny (re)new(ed) drivers license, an old white chandelier to hang in the sewing room, plenty of new projects for Neil to finish around the house (lucky him), and some photos to share on the blog. We took a walk with the little dog around Centennial Park in the late afternoon and stopped to take pictures. The weather in Nashville still hasn't given us a real winter yet.. just this weird, pseudo-warm stuff. I'm not complaining but Neil keeps praying for snow like a crazy.

And keeping to this random note.. I'm on Instagram now! Follow bloomingleopold for photo updates every now and then, mostly to do with food and dog and vintage finds and more food and dog. Happy Tuesday, you guys.