sewing saturday! plaid wool jumper, completed


And finally.. the finished product from the plaid wool jumper I began a couple of weeks ago, started here. Picking up where I left off, here are the final steps!

I began the next round by trimming the outer edges of the straps I had sewn last week, turning them right-side out through the opening I left on the side, and pressing the two straps flat. I then topstitched them on the edges. Once that was finished, I attached the two back pieces to each other at the center edges, leaving room in the upper center for the 6 inch zipper. I trimmed the seam with pinking shears and pressed it open.


Then, I sewed the facings onto the back and front pieces of the jumper, right sides together, at their 5/8 inch seam allowance, keeping an opening at each side of the back where the straps would later attach. I trimmed the edges and flipped them right-side out, pressing them flat. Then, I sewed the zipper in at the center back, layering the facing over.


Time to piece together - I then sewed the front to the back, right sides together, at the sides, making sure to sew the inside facings together first (separately), then the sides of the jumper. I hemmed the bottom edge (by just 1/4 inch, although the pattern calls for a nearly 2 inch hem - it was a child's pattern so I knew I'd need the extra length). I sewed the covered buttons onto the tabs in the front of the jumper, then attached the shoulder straps to the back by slipping the edges into the openings I had left when sewing the facing to the jumper back. I sewed them securely shut.


Buttonhole time! Ever since my old sewing machine crapped out on me when I was trying to use its buttonhole feature, I've been a big believer in hand-stitched buttonholes (now that I have another machine, I could technically try its feature out but eh). The buttonhole, or blanket, stitch is not a difficult one, and it gives a cool, handmade look to your garments. Here's the tutorial I use when sewing them.


And that's it!


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