on flowers and citrus


Sometimes I do this. You know, eat a bowl of cereal or a turkey sandwich or a cheeseburger around 1 or 2 in the morning (sometimes you're too hungry to fall asleep, right?), then feel obligated to stay up til 4am because you're not supposed to eat within 2 hours of going to bed, so I kill time by catching up with emails or playing Skyrim (or I just give in and pass out). Tonight, I'm eating oatmeal and reading up on domestic things like gardening. Neil and I planted some trees this morning (and by we, I mean he) - a peach tree in the backyard, dogwood tree in the front, and a blueberry bush next to our soon-to-be garden. We even bought a hanging fern to put in our living room. Thinking about landscaping makes me think about flowers, and about the one and only horticulture-related website I follow - owned and operated by Amy Merrick.

I've never really been into floral arrangements, even during wedding planning, but something about Amy's eye and and attention to color and detail is addictive. Her inspiration and floral art make me want to turn our house into an indoor garden.

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jamaica square
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Amy recently posted a wonderfully written story about her mother's adventurous past.. read it here.