spring vacation wish list

appalachian trip outfits

Vacations always seem to come just in time, and Neil and I are leaving for our spring trip in just a few days. Two weeks of pure vacation with both of our families.. first to Boston, then to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We've visited the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee on a few occasions, once for a 10 day camping trip in college. Fortunately, this trip will not be so rough (aka we're not sleeping in tents or living on Ritz crackers and peanut butter).. we're renting a cabin with my growing family to celebrate some big birthdays happening, like my sister Ashley's 30th. It's going to be a week of grilling out and relaxing.

Now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a daytrip to Dollywood Amusement Park, where we can ride rollercoasters and crack cheesy jokes about Dolly Parton, but it's apparently harder than I thought - not even Neil wants to go! I haven't been on a rollercoaster in years and even if it's just me and my little niece and nephew, we are making this happen. Lightweight crop tops and high waisted, full skirts (maybe with shorts underneath?) sound great for unseasonably warm spring weather at a southern theme park (close-toed shoes recommended). As for the evening, when we're all sitting on the back porch of the cabin, it's sweater weather again. The slip dress from Madewell with bright bands of colors seems great for layering.

boston vacation outfits

We're spending a week in Boston with Neil's family as his sister runs the marathon this year. I've never been to Boston so I have grand, touristy plans of eating oysters while simultaneously walking in Paul Revere's footsteps. We've been watching films that take place in Boston to prepare (although I don't know how helpful it is to watch The Departed or Good Will Hunting.. but we're doing it).

While we're in Boston, we have tickets to a Yankees vs Red Sox game (many hot dogs will be eaten) and tentative reservations for an oyster bar near our hotel. The idea of a matching playset in navy linen sounds good for a ballgame to me. As for an evening out, this dyed silk dress seems a good mix of casual and dressy.. silk shirt dresses are always a good option when you're not sure of a dress code.

What travel plans are you making this year?