lovely ladies, giveaways, and rookie magazine

liz 2

Lots of internet fun lately! I'm excited to share with you two lovely posts from two lovely women - first, I recently made a custom dress for Liz of Olive My Love (which she is adorable in) and she was kind enough to share it on her blog.. see the post here. Secondly, I'm hosting a $100 shop giveaway over at Hannah and Landon. It's open to everyone, so enter by commenting on Hannah's post here! It is encouraging words like Liz and Hannah's that make me thankful for all the great people sewing and blogging have put me in touch with.

And as the last bit of news, it was an honor to be mentioned in a recent Rookie Magazine article on high quality, sweatshop-free designers (yayyy)! Thanks, Jenny!

1990s polka dot shorts 1970s mint sweater dress
1990s suede high waist shorts 1970s floral tunic
vintage striped midi 1980s mint blouse

The shop is getting a major update tonight with vintage suede shorts, striped mid length dresses, minty green sweater dresses, and more in summer-friendly shades - also a ready-made handmade piece from last fall's collection. Expect everything to be up and in the shop tonight!

Sewing Saturday.. two days and counting. More vintage recycling fun to be had.