new glasses!

new glasses

Vintage silk top, nude wedge sandals, woven bucket bag - Thrifted
Denim circle skirt - American Apparel
Gold headband - H&M

New glasses - Fendi

I have bad eyesight. As in, kind of awful and getting worse every year, according to my optometrist. One eye is nearsighted, the other is farsighted - throw in an astigmatism in both eyes and you've got what I have. I also rarely wear my glasses (unless I'm driving or playing a video game.. and that's about it, really).

Well, hopefully that changes because I picked up a new pair of prescription glasses today and I'm in love - they are massive and glorious. I'm convinced that I love them so much because they remind me of the glasses my mom used to wear back when I was tiny (although she says hers were much worse, but I remember them being beautiful).

new glasses new glasses
new glasses new glasses

More photos here.

I thrifted the silk top I'm wearing prior to vacationing last month, and I've worn it so much since then.. the marbled print is exactly what I was looking for, but its uniqueness really comes from the cutout shoulders. It resembles a halter top with a closed back and has a great, swinging shape. The wedge leather sandals are also thrifted and comfortable in a broken-in-by-someone-else sort of way, a summery shoe I plan on wearing a lot (and for three dollars and some shoe cleaner, way cheaper than anything I was looking at online). Sometimes thrift stores do you good.

Have a wonderful weekend! I have a DIY project or two up my sleeve that I feel really good about and thus am excited to share, having to do with reworking old vintage pieces. Until Saturday!