flea market finds

flea market finds: amethyst and other rocks

Over the weekend, I visited the monthly flea market at the fairgrounds with my friend Lauren and her new friend (now mine) Jenna. And as always, when you're not looking for anything specific and when you have no plans to spend money, you find the most stuff.

flea market finds: amethyst and art nouveau flea market finds: amethyst and other rocks flea market finds: amethyst and other rocks flea market finds: vintage floral tray and amethyst flea market finds: art nouveau flea market finds: 1930s bias cut gown flea market finds: 1930s bias cut gown

I ended up buying a set of rocks - pieces of amethyst and several more (anyone well versed in geology who can tell me what the rest are?) in iridescent pastel hues. Now I'm on the hunt for a himalayan salt lamp to complete my small rock collection because they say it makes you breathe better plus any similarities between our living room and a museum of natural history, I count as positive.

The splurge of the day was a 1930s red bias cut gown with cut-out detailing at the neck.. I tried it on, it fit, that's all it took. But now I have to dream up some fancy occasion for it (too fancy for a dinner or a wedding, right?). A mid-century book on Art Nouveau (have always loved Aubrey Beardsley and now am getting in Charles Rennie Mackintosh) and a two dollar floral tray rounded out my smaller purchases.

Other finds include some old fabric.. lightweight crepe in a peachy hue and some nubby white fabric that has a barkcloth feel to it - both very vintage and in need of a good washing, hopefully they come out lovely. Also, a small sewing table that folds open on top to reveal spool holders and old sewing supplies. We're using it as an end table in our living room, but it'll be nice to have when I'm sitting on the couch and want to begin a new sewing project while watching a movie or something (I am 80).

Craft party tonight - painting crop tops and drinking beer with cool ladies, my old American Apparel coworkers that have way too much fun. Expect obscene drawings and a DIY from this. Happy Wednesday!