from alabama


Neil and I just got home from an impromptu road trip - we ran away to Asheville, North Carolina to see the Biltmore and aimlessly wander for a couple of nights (photos to come). The trip was very much needed.. both of us were going a little stir crazy in Nashville, so the mountains were a welcome sight. Swimming in the hotel pool, exploring a hot and muggy downtown in search of southern food and old things, finding hole in the wall breweries and drinking Belgian ale and walking the ground Zelda Fitzgerald once stood on - sometimes you just need to run away for a while.

Now that we're home, Neil is in bed (with work early early in the morning) and I just put some cookie dough in the oven - I plan on catching up on email and playing Skyrim til wee hours. A happy surprise to come home to was this photo shoot just released by Jamie and Rhiannon - I've been waiting for these photos to come out ever since they made the trek to rural Alabama to shoot last month. They were worth the wait in all their faded southern glory. Read Rhi's latest Oxford American article here.


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Happy weekend! Hope this hot summer is being good to you.