long hunter park

long hunter park

Vintage pin tuck crop top - swap with Melissa of Sometimes Almost Always
Vintage pleated cranberry skirt - thrifted
Saddle leather satchel - c/o Fossil
1970s wood wedge sandals - from my mother-in-law

Another piece from a recent swap with Melissa, this white crop top is amazing and also kind of a mystery to me. I can't really tell which side should be worn in the front (pretty dumb of me I know) but both look good in the front or back that it really might work either way - and another mystery is its age. I know it could be as new as the 1960s or 70s but is it older than that? Its cropped length means it could be a summery 40s piece or it may be as old as Edwardian, like this beauty. I'm stumped. What do you think?

Either way, it's my ideal summer top and I've been wearing it constantly. I've been wearing the blouse with a pair of pleated gray linen shorts from American Apparel a whole lot, that and some thrifted sandals. But when I found a cranberry colored skirt from Goodwill the other weekend, I decided to put the two together with an autumnal leather satchel from Fossil and my favorite shoes from my mother-in-law's stash from her teen years. We took these photos at Long Hunter State Park, a local park with great trails for biking or running (which I haven't done in forever sadly but Neil does all the time).

long hunter park long hunter park long hunter park long hunter park long hunter park long hunter park

Today was a yard work day - literally hours and hours spent ripping out weeds and discovering hornet's nests and mowing and prepping plants and window boxes and washing the front of our little house. Next step is painting those window boxes and planting those plants, which I can't wait to do. It is nice to be at the end of your day and feel it in your bones.. maybe it means there's good sleep ahead. Hanging out on the couch with a movie til then.