on film

biltmore conservatory

Earlier this summer, I posted about an estate sale find of my mother-in-law's (and thanks for the shot taking advice by the way! we stuck to bright light mostly) - a set of old cameras including a Kodak Pony 135. I've been collecting old cameras for the past few years and oddly enough never purchased a camera that took 35mm film, so when she bought the camera set and gave them to me I was most especially excited about the Kodak Pony. It seemed friendly enough that I wasn't too intimidated to try out my first film roll, so Neil and I bought the cheapest film we could find and had a blast with it. We took it with us to Asheville last week and got the film developed a few days back at a local shop.

Picking up the developed film was kind of a high.. the gamble of it I guess, not knowing how it's going to turn out. I'm used to taking 20 photos of the same thing just to make sure you get a good one, but obviously this isn't possible with film. We had also heard rumors about light leaks with the Kodak Pony so we didn't know if that would be a problem, but fortunately for us there were no light leaks and some of the photos actually turned out! The faded colors and soft focus were exactly what I was looking for. Here they are in unedited form.

in asheville the biltmore biltmore gardens in asheville in asheville bruisin ales in asheville, north carolina

It was the most fun I've had with a camera since we bought our Canon Rebel a few years back. I'm used to putting undue pressure on myself to document everything that happens in my life via phone or photos or internet talk (like most people of my generation and around it, I bet) so the limited aspect of film photography was really refreshing during our trip. Only 26 exposures? Ok, we better make them count.

Apologies for the blurry awkward smiling photos at the pool - we had just visited Wedge Brewery where we drank the best belgian style ale ever then ran back to our hotel to swim in the pool before it got dark (where Neil suffered through posing cheesy style in front of the pool rules for me) and then headed out for supper at Thirsty Monk. We were kind of impulsive with pressure-free vacation emotions at this point - probably the highlight of the trip.

Movies/Olympics watching and thrift store shopping with friends this weekend, and thankfully more to come tonight. Happy Sunday!