drop waist layers

drop waist layers

Vintage polka dot blouse - thrifted
Vintage coral silk slip, worn as a skirt - thrifted
Suede wedges - Dolce Vita
Silver metal collar necklace - Forever21

Maybe it's all of the spring/summer 2013 collections coming out or maybe it's just my reluctance to let this summer go or maybe it's something as simple as the heat in Nashville, but I'm still wearing bright colors and lightweight fabrics. Usually around this time of year, I'm trying to sneak in velvet and dark neutrals into my outfits. Oh well, this will probably be my farewell to summer outfit post, because it should cool down soon and autumn will take over.

I found a coral silk slip while thrifting earlier this month and thought it would make a great layering piece, especially for longer tops since putting them together gives a drop waist effect. The metal necklace is from Forever21 and works with just about anything.

drop waist layers drop waist layers drop waist layers drop waist layers drop waist layers

Typing this on my iPhone, which is interesting.. Messing with HTML on a phone isn't the easiest. Neil and I are on the road, taking a last minute trip to Illinois to be with his family before we fly to New York tomorrow. Neil's uncle passed away yesterday after a long struggle with cancer. Thankful that we can be with his family and give our support - at times like these, it makes you appreciate what you have.