new york in black and white


Shooting some New York City scenes in black and white was a must for me during our trip last month, and I bought a roll of Ilford HP5 35mm black and white film for that exact purpose. I didn't learn until later that our lab can't process black and white film, so we had to send it out to Atlanta to have it done.

We received our film back earlier this week. While less exposures turned out than I hoped, the ones that did turn out in grainy detail evoked another time in a way our color film didn't capture.

metropolitan museum of art little italy soho soho metropolitan museum of art ritual vintage saxelby cheese times square

From top to bottom - photos are of Soho, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Medieval Art gallery, an outdoor food fest in Little Italy, Soho shopping, the Robert Lehman collection in the Met, Ritual Vintage, Saxelby Cheesemongers, and Times Square at night. I loved this roll for its flaws, the excessive grain and accidental double exposure, as much as its strengths - shooting with film is a happy learning experience. More photos here.