on film: autumn

autumn on film

A Charlie Brown Christmas was on television tonight during dinner so Neil and I got festive and watched it. TV knows it; the world is officially in holiday mode.

So, this is my goodbye to a frantically short fall, a season that seems to fly by within hours now - my favorite time of the year. Here are some shots Neil and I took over the last few months.. bonfires with friends, walks through Percy Warner Park, coffee at Barista Parlor, even a trek down through the bowels of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky this September (where our guide showed us the importance of a single small lantern in one monumentally sized cavern).

autumn on film autumn on film autumn on film autumn on film autumn on film autumn on film

I'm busy again - as everyone is this season - this time with school applications and preparation for Porter Flea this weekend. I will be back soon! In the meantime, I will be surviving on coffee and essay writing. Fortunately, Neil is brewing a chemex of special Counter Culture coffee in the kitchen and I have the debut of Josie's latest Frances Baker collection to keep me distracted.