liebemarlene wearing blooming leopold

Being the youngest of three sisters, I never grew out of looking up to my two older (and cooler) sisters - even when they were a million steps ahead of me and already listening to good music and wearing cute thrifted clothes (while I was still dressed in Abercrombie and listening to boy bands with barbed wire tattoos around their biceps), I knew they were cool - so whenever they wear something I make or approve of something I did, it gives me a sense of pride that I don't get elsewhere. Last month, I marble dyed a silk top in thanks for my sister Rhiannon's help styling my fall/winter collection, and she recently wore it during a Mississippi road trip to William Faulkner's home in Oxford (thanks for liking my stuff Rhi!).

liebemarlene wearing blooming leopold liebemarlene wearing blooming leopold

 See the post here, photos by Drew.