tinsel dress

metallic dress

Handmade metallic silver linen dress
Thrifted vintage fringe loafers and black cardigan
Vintage straw tote, geode necklace - flea market
American Apparel black tights

I wasn't feeling the greatest yesterday so I made this dress in response, and it cheered me up. The fabric is a metallic glazed linen that has the best shine to it. It was a part of my first Mood Fabrics order - this linen and some navy and gold brocade - and it didn't disappoint, so now on the top of my Christmas list is a gift card to that wonder of a store. I never knew so many amazing fabrics could be under one roof (nor could I have predicted in my school years that I'd get so excited over fabric), some favorites being this pop art silk print and this out-of-my-price-range silk brocade from Oscar de la Renta.

Lately I had been searching for metallic fabrics to sew with, but most everything I found was made from some random blend of polyester and man-made fabrics with strange names. When I found a pure linen counterpart, I chose it and am so happy with the result.. a tinsel-colored dress festive enough for the holidays.

metallic dress metallic dress metallic dress metallic dress metallic dress

Happy Wednesday! So happy election day is over, maybe people will start being nice on Facebook again. I wrote in my preferred candidate at our local voting station this year.. Ron Paul 2016!!