sewing saturday! brocade holiday dress

sewing saturday, brocade dress

Over the weekend, I managed to finish the brocade holiday dress I had started last month and left woefully undone - but now it is ready for Christmas wear, and I can't wait.

Beginning from where I left off in part one, it was time to piece together the three pieces of the skirt - one front piece and two back pieces - so I sewed them together at the side seams, leaving room for a zipper opening in the back center. Then, I put together some soft pleats along the waistline of the skirt by folding pieces of the skirt towards the lines given in the pattern, pinning them in place and carefully sewing them in within the seam allowance (about 1/2 an inch from the edge).

IMG_9368 IMG_9353 IMG_9367 IMG_9372

Once the skirt was ready, I sewed the bodice lining to the bodice with right sides together, leaving the bottom edges open.

IMG_9384 IMG_9392

After the lining and bodice pieces were connected, I trimmed their seams and darts and turned the bodice right-side out, pressing it flat.

Then, the dress was nearly finished - I pressed open the seam allowance for the zipper in the center back of the skirt and sewed the skirt and bodice together, matching edges. I then sewed the zipper in place in the center all the way to the top of the bodice and finished the hem of the skirt.

IMG_9414 IMG_9422

And it's done!

sewing saturday, brocade dress
sewing saturday, brocade dress sewing saturday, brocade dress
sewing saturday, brocade dress

As seen in part one, I sewed some non fusible interfacing into the top of the skirt and at the time, I doubted whether it was necessary since its point was to keep the skirt stiff and the brocade already did that, since it is such a sturdy fabric. Honestly, now that the dress is all finished I do think it makes a difference. The skirt is tulip-shaped and really structural which is my favorite part, but the bodice is close since the lining turned out so smooth underneath. I didn't have to topstitch the arm or neck openings because it lays flat so well (oh lining you are worth the effort). I love this dress, and now I have a great holiday jumper to wear over silk blouses.. buy the navy brocade fabric from Mood here.

If you haven't entered the chevron necklace giveaway, you can still do so! I'm announcing the winner tomorrow. Happy Monday!