and in january

january reds

Red knit hat from American Apparel
H&M faux leather motorcycle jacket, gray socks
Vintage navy floral maxi dress
Karampetsos black and brown leather tote
Madewell zip code ankle boots

It is the dreariest, rainiest day in Nashville. The perfect day for planning family vacations to the beach and watching actors give drunk speeches on the Golden Globes.

january reds january reds january reds january reds january reds

Neil and I took these photos on a much nicer day earlier in the week while running around town. One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year came from my in laws in the form in the black leather tote with brown straps, above.. my go-to bag, sturdy and beautiful handmade by Yiorgio Karampetsos on Etsy.

1920s coat post coming in the next couple days!