packing: snugg leather ipad case

leather ipad case

Over Christmas, Neil and I happily inherited an iPad from his parents who had recently acquired a newer version. One of the main reasons for wanting an iPad was easy travel (no more lugging two laptops around), so we knew we needed to find a good case for it.

Just recently Snugg sent me one of their iPad 2 cases in distressed brown faux leather, and it is perfect. With a cover that doubles as a stand and a small strap inside to hold papers in tow, it suits all our needs - particularly when it comes to road trips, because this case is durable. It adds some weight and feels cushioned enough that you won't think twice about throwing it in your suitcase. We can't wait to take it to Florida next week.

You can find Snugg cases at their website or on Amazon.

leather ipad case leather ipad case leather ipad case

Screen images from two of my favorite blogs, Liebemarlene and Fieldguided.

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