mes dames spring 2013

mes dames ss 2013

Mes Dames' spring and summer 2013 collection features a breathtaking look book - bright dresses and voluminous trousers balanced against a muted gray background, so moody and yet spring-like. I love the patterned fabrics and the use of yellow (a color I usually don't like), but the monochromatic pastel sets and soft feminine touches like bows at the neck and gathered sleeves aren't so shabby either.

mes dames ss 2013 mes dames ss 2013 mes dames ss 2013 mes dames ss 2013

Well, we're home! After nearly two weeks of being away, it feels good to settle into my old routine again, to clean up and unpack. I got sick at the tail end of our vacation and today is my first day of feeling normal again, so I'm living it up by getting things done and going out to a show tonight. Vacationing pictures to come soon.