creeping ivy

creeping ivy

Vintage paisley mid length skirt - Larkspur Shoppe
Striped straw tote - Reanimated Rags
Vintage white crop top - trade with Melissa
Zipcode ankle boot - Madewell
Geode crystal necklace - handmade

I kind of disappeared recently, and I apologize for that - but it was for a good reason, as I recently found out that I have been selected to show at Nashville Fashion Week! The last two weeks have been very busy prepping a series of five looks for Fashion Week's Emerging Designer Presentation this Saturday, and I couldn't be more excited. More to come, for sure.

With all the highs and lows and long evenings, I finally had to break down and take a miniature road trip last week. Neil and I ate at a small Middle Eastern place for supper and then kept driving down Nolensville Road until we had passed from the city into fields and old abandoned homes covered in ivy. It had been ages since the sun was out, so we walked around, looking for picturesque places to use up the final images on a roll of film before retreating back home and back to fabric cutting, sewing, dyeing.

creeping ivy creeping ivy creeping ivy creeping ivy creeping ivy creeping ivy

Hope you had a good Easter weekend! Ours was eventful and filled with dogs and children and egg dyeing and arm wrestling (yep) and church and cinnamon rolls and even a drive through the mistiest, most magical stretch of tree-lined hills this country of ours could create. Happy Monday, all.