redwood silk

shibori dye top

Vintage silk top, thrifted and hand-dyed
Urban Outfitters high rise jeans
Madewell ankle boots, sisal tote
Vintage gray wool hat, Goodbuy Girls

The glory of dyeing garments to sell, if you're anything like me, is you get to keep the test pieces. This time, in the midst of shibori dyeing for last week's show, I dyed a white silk blouse with onion skins to see how it'd turn out in relation to the bamboo fabric. The color was much richer and darker, a reddish brown in contrast to the muted rust and amber tones that showed up on rayon. As Maura from Folk Fibers says, natural dyes are living colors - alive with the life that made them.

It was my sister Rhiannon who first suggested I experiment with natural dyes, and I'm glad she did, as they are full of the unpredictability that I associate with shooting on film versus digital. No guarantees, as I learned the hard way with red cabbage, that the color will even stick, but beautiful and mercurial in pattern when it does.

shibori dye top shibori dye top shibori dye top shibori dye top

I'm experimenting with indigo for the first time tonight, dyeing pieces for the Local Honey fashion show this weekend (an evening of Twin Peaks and fabric dyeing to come). Earlier in the week, I attended a model casting for the show and wore this outfit to the casting.. full show details coming tomorrow!