savannah summer

savannah summer

Edwardian cotton dress - Tennessee Flea Market
Handmade tribal clay necklace
Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses c/o SmartBuyGlasses
No. 6 bone leather sandals

Settling into Savannah these past few weeks has felt like a long holiday. I keep telling everyone that the town is strange and beautiful, because from my limited view it seems to be both in equal measure - very southern and with its own unique heritage (and I thought we were Southerners when we lived in Nashville). People are nice and the food is good. We've already tried a dozen different food spots and planned a handful of day trips up and down the east coast: history-centered trips for me, barbecue or seafood-focused trips for Neil.

Of course it's been stressful, too and I miss my family, but so far we love our new home. There's a park nearby and we've found a favorite neighborhood restaurant (which we've been to four times now?). I've done some crazy things, like started to ride a bike and joined a writing class.

savannah summer savannah summer savannah summer savannah summer savannah summer

I picked up this Edwardian dress at the Tennessee Flea a couple months ago with Allison. It was tattered so I gingerly washed it in the bath using castile soap, removed the lace around the neck with a seam ripper, and folded the three inch hem inwards and sewed it in place, covering the tears at the bottom. When I bought it, I had intended to remove the sleeves but now I can't - I love the dress as it is. And these oversized Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses will come in handy biking around Savannah.

DIY post coming soon!