a birthday dress

kabuki birthday dress

Vintage kabuki dress - Auraria
Vintage macrame bag, thrifted
Madewell sunset sandals
Handmade necklace

Another year, another birthday outing. This past Monday Neil and I drove two hours up the coast to celebrate my birthday in Charleston. I've anticipated wearing this abstract vintage dress from Auraria for the occasion, so I made a matching oversized clay bead necklace and found a cream colored macrame bag at Goodwill a week or two back to bring along.

I feel like a broken record when every year, I say the same thing.. how fast time flies. But it's true. Lately birthdays have felt more like New Years - each one serves as a reflection and celebration of what has happened in the last year.

Last year meant participating in Nashville Fashion Week as a designer, family vacations in Florida and Georgia, rekindling old interests and turning them into pursuits, saying goodbye to Nashville life, and very nearly going to graduate school. Life is not this continuous linear path that we expect as kids but lots of side treks and byways, sometimes backtracking and retracing your steps to return to where you came from, and always unpredictable. If unpredictability is the trait I love most in dyeing fabric, I can't fault life for having the same mercurial quality.

kabuki birthday dress kabuki birthday dress kabuki birthday dress kabuki birthday dress kabuki birthday dress

Notes on our Charleston visit coming soon. Have a great weekend!

And congrats to Lana for winning the Draping: The Complete Course book giveaway!