helen levi ceramics


I started a beginners pottery class yesterday morning, and since then I've gone a little obsessive searching Pinterest for inspiration. Wheel throwing is difficult but rewarding.. I don't know how people create large pots because it takes a lot of strength to throw just a small, one-pound bowl for me. I'm sure it just takes time and practice, like anything.

Today I discovered Helen Levi via Boots and Pine, and I'm glad I did. Helen Levi is a talented ceramicist living in Brooklyn. She creates beautiful pottery on the wheel - planters, pitchers, mugs in both porcelain and dark brown clay, glazed and hand painted in subtle shades.

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Find Helen's creations here or at Steven Alan.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Neil and I are heading to a friend's house right now to drink pumpkin beer floats then we're off to hunt for ghosts (on a tour).