the beginning!

First blog entry!!

My name is Lauren, I'm 23, and I'm in a transition phase. I graduated from school a bit over a year ago and have decided that I don't want much to do with my degree. I have a degree in Public Relations, and as versatile as that may be, it's not the focus that I want to take with my future career. Too much "perfume when all you need is a good bath", or so my old Communication classes say. I guess I'm with everyone else in saying that the future is one huge question mark, and for the first time since graduating college, I feel ok with that. I'd rather be a bohemian than compromise at a job I hate. (I watched Revolutionary Road recently. As if I didn't hate cubicles and office jobs already. They had fantastic furniture in that movie, but apparently cool furniture doesn't save you from gloom and suburban despair.)

Lately, I've pursued different paths that interest me, trying to find a fit. One of those paths has been fashion. What gets me into fashion is self expression, as corny as it sounds. No two people are exactly alike, so why should they dress alike? I love thrift stores for that reason.  To make old new again - refab a skirt out of a tablecloth or just hem an old dress - is a fun, creative process.

Fashion icons - my beautiful sisters Rhi and Ash, Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (she's much braver than I am! that just makes me love her more), Lauren Bacall, Brat Pack movies, Aubrey Beardsley's drawings. Jackie Onassis over Michelle Obama any day. 80s movies (and 80s hair bands) have slowly been finding their way into my closet - who knew This Is Spinal Tap could be funny and fashionable? Maybe more funny than fashionable.

But right now, I'm mostly into feminine pastels and light summer dresses. I'm happy to see early 90s florals show up again, because I can tell people I'm watching Full House for fashion inspiration and not just for cheesy comedy. Seafoam green is the color of our KitchenAid mixer at home and it's the color I look for at thrift stores. I've been buying a lot of 50s and 60s housecoats and nightgowns and turning them into things, just because I love the colors so much. I've been wearing my hair in braids a lot, and I'm seeking acid wash denim with a vengeance.

And I love this crazy new world I'm getting into - the blogging world. Keep an eye out for my blog and expect cool new changes to come - including an Etsy store, interviews with local Nashville vintage stores, and more! Thanks for reading!
Photos by Neil!

Dress -- Thrifted, gift from Rhi
Shoes - 1940s thrift
Headband, belt - Forever21