tennessee explorations and romance novels

Photos by mom!

Red and black plaid jumper - thrifted, Salvation Army in St Louis
1970s sandals - thrifted (technically stolen from sister, but originally thrifted)
Cross necklace - antique store in Carmi, Illinois
Rose cameo necklace - county fair in Greenville, Illinois
Black rose clip, black tank top - Forever21
Sunglasses, purse - Urban Outfitters

Yesterday, my mom and I took a trip to Hohenwald, Tennessee - it's this little town with a lot of Swiss and German influence (hard to find around here). While the drive to Hohenwald was scenic, the town itself yielded some interesting results.

For one, a New Orleans themed coffeeshop with bricks painted on the floor (very German of them). They had good ice cream. But the best find was a fabric store that specialized in romance novels.

After looking around the store, I was convinced they hadn't updated their stock in 30 years. While that would be a bad thing in the case of a super market or electronics store, it was a fantastic surprise at the fabric store. They had buttons from the 1960s that they were selling for 30 cents! Needless to say, I bought stuff.

All of this was under 12 dollars. The vintage lace, 4 yards for a dollar or 3 yards for a dollar. Those awesome buttons were half off what they were originally marked for - back in 1966.

What does this mean? I can add these finds to my pile of unfinished projects. Yes!! (In all seriousness. I need some crafty ideas for my new finds, and would love to hear what you have to think! I was thinking of layering the lace in a way reminiscent of this great Twelve by Twelve top)

I'm getting into Tennessee living. The people here are the most giving, down-to-earth friends you can make. They are willing to help everyone, even and especially strangers. My husband Neil recently got a job without the preliminary interviews/background checks, just because the guy liked him, I think. On Neil's first day, his boss asked him to bring me to dinner with him and his wife after work. Are all Southern bosses this friendly?

In the spirit of loving Tennessee, I'd like to direct you towards some Bonnaroo fashion, courtesy of style.com. While half of these people aren't true Tennessee residents, I think they've captured the spirit of Tennessee style just by being in the area.. lots of plaid/bohemian mixes. Lots of feathers, for some reason. And lots of super cool musicians.