craft day!

Photos by Neil!

Dress - H&M
Boots - Zodiac, thrifted
Gray bowtie flats, plaid vest - Thrifted
Floral hair pins - Handmade!
Green blouse - Banana Republic
Black fringe shoes, white belt, floral scarf, silver leaf necklace & earrings - Forever21

Today was a creative day. Besides yard sales and Whole Foods (no wine in Tennessee grocery stores = no fun) shopping, I did some outfit remixing. I have a dress from H&M that I absolutely love.. a dark gray, very simple dress that sold, full retail, for $16.90. It attracted me because of the price, but also due to the potential.. I can wear anything with it! I even bought a pair of crazy tights from Forever21 to match this wonderful dress. They look like my legs have been tattooed, top to bottom. I know this because every time I wear them at a gas station, someone asks me about them, how long they took, and if they hurt. No exaggerations here. Every time.

So today, I decided to try out a couple of options with the dress. I'm a big fan of the plaid vest.. it's a kid's shirt from the 80s with fantastic buttons. It's very Urban Outfitters/grunge. And my Zodiac boots are irreplaceable.
I also had fun with bobby pins today. Using some of my old lace, ribbon, felt, and fabric, I made these hair pins. It was surprisingly simple.. just a lot of cutting out funny shapes, layering them, then sewing them onto pins. 

I love these colors - soft pastels. They are exactly what I'm looking for this summer. Here are a couple close-ups of my favorites from today.
I still have a lot of lace left after my mini projects, and I'm always up for new ideas. What do you guys do with a free weekend and free materials?