a loss in the family and flea market finds

First, thank you for all of your prayers, concerns, comments, and thoughts about my father-in-law! We visited him and were surprised at how healthy and energetic he seemed - he was himself, 100%. What a blessing! The doctors still haven't figured out what caused the hemorrhage.. but it doesn't look serious, and it isn't stroke-related. They would still like to keep him for a few more days to run more tests, though.

Yesterday started off really well. On our way to visit Doug in St Louis, we made a stop at the Tennessee Flea Market and after finding booth after booth of socks (yes. just cheap, white socks) and medicine bins, we got to Shed 4 - which had a lot of great stuff. 

(My outfit is comprised of a headband my sister made me, as well as thrifted gifts - including the high waist skirt from a college friend - one of my favorites. It was originally a beautiful ivory color until I spilled chocolate on it and had to dye it something different! I like the salmon pink now.)

The absolute highlight of the flea market was a vintage clothing booth run by this lovely lady, Aria (blog here!). Wow, her stuff was just what I was looking for.. well priced and lots to choose from (including these adorable Italian heels, size 4.. if only my feet were a little bit smaller).

Keep an eye out for Aria, she has plans to start a vintage store in the Nashville area soon! 

I picked up several purses (eel skin clutch, bohemian bags) as well as belts and a couple dresses.. I also found this great orange terry jumper from Aria's booth which (of course) I wanted to wear right away.

We also found an old Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera from the 1950s at a different booth.. it is beautiful. We intend on using it for decoration but if we can get our hands on some film, we might put it to good use! I recently looked up some photos taken with our camera model and the prints have a great vintage look to them.

Yesterday took a turn for the worse when I found out my dog Scarlet died. She's been in our family for 14 years now and while we knew it would happen just because she was getting older and had arthritic problems, it didn't make the death any easier. Coming back from our trip, the house feels a bit empty.. I keep expecting the sound of her nails on the hardwood floors, but it's quiet.

It was hard to visit Doug while feeling sad about Scarlet. He is having serious health problems, so why should I bother Neil's family about my dog? I felt it was important to keep my sadness in, which of course just made me feel even more isolated. Keeping your emotions in is a terrible idea and I learned my lesson. Humans aren't programmed to solve problems on their own.

Now that it's been a day, it feels a little better, although it'll take awhile for it to be real to me. It also helps talking to my parents and Neil about it, and also that my sisters are coming to Tennessee this week. Having everyone home will definitely make things easier! We can reminisce about growing up with Scarlet and maybe even dig up some old family videos.