some sad news and a surprise trip to st louis

Today, I was going to post about a visit to a local farmer's market and the clothing/grocery goods found there, but unfortunate news changes everything, especially outlooks, and Neil and I are dropping things for today to head to St Louis.

Neil's dad Doug had a brain hemorrhage early this morning, and he is currently being flown to see the neurologist at St Louis University Hospital. We're following quickly after, once we pack up our bags.

We don't know much yet. It is likely that Doug will have to have surgery, which is usually a four hour process. Once the neurologist sees him, things will be cleared up and we'll know how serious the hemorrhage is. Doug is 54, a farmer, he had just quit smoking, and he has been eating much better. He loves to laugh, loves to give gifts (he's in charge of stockings every Christmas, and he goes all out), and loves to cook - a trait he passed on in full fervor to his son. No one expected this, and everyone is making the journey to be with him right now.

We really appreciate any and all prayers.. thank you for them, they are much needed! And please, go hug your families.