antique mall fun and blog award pass-along

Dress - Forever21
Navy belt with gold clasp, gray cutout heels - Thrift
Peach lace hair pin - Handmade

Antique store shopping today! Neil and I visited a place I've been to with my sister before, Spring Hill's Antique Mall. It's actually an old converted gymnasium, scoreboard and basketball hoop still in tow. The gym has character and a lot of room for antiques with more character!

While I didn't find any good clothes (late 90s Ann Taylor dresses belong at garage sales, not in an antique store bin!), there were a lot of interesting decor pieces. My favorites were an old Elvis pencil drawing and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tray. In the end, we settled on a pair of owl bookends that were on sale for seven dollars.

Neil loved the hippy scarf I put on him, as you can see.

I had a fantastic surprise last night. Andrea from a cat of impossible colour, accomplished in both fashion AND writing (she's published!!), gave me a lovely blogging award.. which couldn't be more encouraging - thank you, Andrea!

So, it's now my joy to pass it on! This was a tough choice because like I said in my last comment post to you all, every day I am inspired by what I find on ALL of your fantastic blogs. I've decided to send the award to Jessica of pigeons look silly when they walk! She is a beautiful Marion Cotillard look-a-like with original style, artsy photos, and a wonderful personality that shines through her writing. So, please check out her blog! You won't be disappointed.